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Quran and Prayer Beads

Religious Education

When we think of education, we think of children. In the words of St. Jerome, "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." Religious Education is for all people who want to grow to know, love and serve God. Below are different programs and opportunities for children and adults. 

RE at St. Joseph's

Raising Hands

All kids are welcome to join us for RE following Sunday Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. We will meet from 2:30 to 3:30 each Sunday. 

Introducing Family Night!

Religious Education is not just for kids. Family Night is an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow in their faith. On the fourth Sunday of each month, starting in October, we will have a family night following the Sunday Mass. Those who have kids will work on projects as a family. Those who do not have kids will get together with other families and work on a project together. Let's have some fun exploring our faith!

For K-12


Need an avenue to explore your faith? Look no further than our free online database of Catholic stuff. Formed comes with audio books, books, movies, TV programs, programs and Bible studies and more. Did I mention that its all free? The parish subscribes to the program so that you get everything for free. Contact Fr. Cody for more details about signing up.

Catholicism 101 flier SJ.jpg

Catholicism 101 is a series open to everyone! Come explore the basics of the Catholic faith. What do we believe and why? Thursday nights starting in September from 6:30-8 pm. A livestream option is available if you email Notes and recordings from the series will be available on this website. 

church history logo.jpg

Sundays from 5-6:30. Recordings and notes are posted below as they are completed. To join the livestream version, send an email to

Lecture 1: Pre-history

Lecture 1: Pre-history

Lecture 2: 1st Century

Lecgture 2 : 1st century

Lecture 3: 2nd Century

Lecture 4: 3rd Century

Lecture 5: 4th Century

Lecture 6: 5th Century

Lecture 7: 6th Century

Lecture 8: 7th Century

Lecture 9: 8th Century

Lecture 10: 9th Century

Lecture 11: 10th Century

Lecture 12: 11th Century

Lecture 13: 12th Century

Lecture 14: 13th Century

Lecture 15: 14th Century

Lecture 16: 15th Century

Lecture 17: 16th Century

Lecture 18: 17th Century

Lecture 19: 18th Century

Lecture 20: 19th Century

Lecture 21: 20th Century

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