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Address: 28 3rd St. NW, Harlowton, MT 59036

Phone Number: 406-632-5538

Email Address: stjosephmt@gmail.com

Immaculate Conception Mission, 

Judith Gap, MT

Blessed Sacrament Mission

Shawmut, MT


Priests began serving the people in Wheatland county aroung 1910. At first, with no church in the city, the priests would celebrate Masses at the ranches around the current site of the Church. Bishop Carroll requested that a church be built in Harlowton. St. Joseph's Catholic Church was built in 1917 to serve the people of Wheatland County, Montana. In addition to the main parish in Harlowton, two missions were established in Judith Gap and Shawmut. Around the same time a third mission was established in Hedgesville, but that church closed in 1958. 

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We, the people of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Immaculate Conception Church, and Blessed Sacrament Church, commit to follow the evangelical call from Jesus to go out and make disciples of all nations. Our Roman Catholic identity connects us to the larger church through which we have our idenity. 

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Our Staff

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Fr. Cody Williams


Contact info:

phone no.: 406-4657895

email: frcwilliams@holycrossmt.org

Cindy Mauws


Contact info:

Phone No.: 4066325538

email: stjosephmt@gmail.com

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